Below is a list of categories of makes that could be tailored for you. Every creation is done by hand and is perfect for a special occasion.


Theatre productions | Film productions | Re-enactments

From sketching ideas to fitting individuals. Curtis is a professional costume designer and maker. For either productions or individual makes get in touch


Brides dresses | Bridesmaids dresses | Grooms shirts | Flowergirl dresses

There’s nothing more special than a wedding day. Creating a look that is unique to what you are looking for including bridal dresses, grooms shirts or bridesmaids.


Special birthday outfits | Mother of the bride | Cruise ship outfit | Balls

Can’t find a dress that would suit you or the special occasion? We could create something perfect. Mother of the bride, special birthday outfits, cocktail dresses, whatever is needed

Get it touch

All projects are bespoke and handmade. Happy to have a discussion about your needs and come up with concepts free of charge.