Pink Jersey dress – Simplicity Competition

The pattern I chose was the Simplicity pattern 8383, made from Jersey stretch fabric. I kindly asked my friend Charli Nice if she would model it and send over the measurements.

The fabric was purchased from my lovely local fabric shop, Doughtys, and I went for a bright pink to compliment the models blonde hair. There were many options of colour, pattern, etc. But I thought sewing in 100% jersey would be enough of a challenge to try and focus on things being inserted as accurately as possible!

Work began by cutting all the pattern pieces out, then I zig zagged all the edges on each of the pieces. I then constructed the garment with the arms, neck and zip entries being a challenge to try and make it fit and lie flat. I finished the garment off with a lovely double stitched rolled hem with the twin needle.

All in all, the pattern was simply and very informative to follow.