Commissioning a dress – How it works

Follow these very simple steps to commission your own perfect, unique make for a special occasion

STEP 1 – Look for the Look

Look online for the ‘look’ you like. It could be a cocktail dress, historical dress, ballgown, etc. Pinterest and Google Images are great places to start. Don’t forget to think about colours, neckline, hemline, fabrics, sleeves, etc

STEP 1 - Look for the Look

STEP 2 – Talk to us

Gather a selection of images and email over to us what you are looking for. All the makes are commissioned as a draft – so no standard pattern is used. Don’t forget to let us know timescales, where you are and the look you like.

STEP 2 - Talk to us

STEP 3 – A selection will be sent

Within a few days we will respond with a hand-drawn sketch of ‘the look’ with some fabric options. We will then be able to cost out how much the dress will be. We charge approx £12 an hour plus fabric, material costs.

STEP 3 - A selection will be sent

STEP 4 – The work begins…

Once signed off, we will send you a measurements form, and invoice for the work. The sewing will begin once the invoice has been paid. Depending on the complexity of the dress it could take 2 weeks (or more) to make. But we will let you know during the process.

STEP 4 - The work begins...

The whole process made me feel very special. Buying dresses off ‘rack’ is just not the same when you have something tailored to fit your measurements. I commissioned a lace outfit for a cruise, and was complemented… a lot! Thank you!