Welcome to Pudleston Makes! A business dedicated to individual creations for every occasion. Based in the heart of Herefordshire (Pudleston) and on the canals of the UK – fantastic relaxed sewing inspiration.

Curtis has been sewing since a boy, encouraged at a young age by family members (especially Grandmother Beryl) to follow a creative passion.

“I have a great passion to spread the word that it is more than okay for boys/men to sew and be creative with fabric. There is no need to hide passion and creativity, no matter who you are!”

After a career of years in arts marketing, Curtis now dedicates his time to creativity and making (bridal, commissions, costume & couture) as well as talking and sharing his passion about historical costume.

More information about Curtis and the team.

You can follow, shop or get in touch: hello@curtisfulcher.uk